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Earth Radio's second record "Mother's Breath" on Vinyl.

Album Artwork by Sky Black.



1. Mother's Breath

2. Down The Rabbit Hole

3. GO!

4. Pipedream

5. Mantra One

6. The Chameleon is a Conformist

7. The Unified Field

Mother's Breath Vinyl


This album took the band to the next step as a unit. We brought on guitarist Travis Swanson for this record and guest cellist Jacob Halmich into the studio for additional sounds. This record also featured our new drummer, Madison George, who provided some added colors and styles in addition to some solid chops.

The record involved about a month of writing/performing and a month pre-production while performing some of these tunes live prior to tracking. After several tracking, overdubbing, and mixing sessions at Third Coast Recording Company in Grand Haven, the album was sent off to Capitol Records to get mastered.

Finally, the album was released May 10th after a successful Kickstarter campaign fund that raised money for new merchandise and physical versions of the album on CD and Vinyl.


released May 10, 2019

All music and lyrics by: Earth Radio
Justin Avdek - Bass, Vocals, Sounds
Madison George - Drums, Percussion
Hannah Laine - Vocals, Keys
Dutcher Snedeker - Keys, Synths
Travis Swanson - Guitar
Jacob Halmich - Cello

Recorded at Third Coast Recording Co.
Mastered by Capitol Records
Engineered by Joe Hettinga
Produced by Justin Avdek
Cover Artwork by Sky Black
Typography and layout by Jason Bowler

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