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Earth Radio is a unique collective of musicians based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that are pushing the boundaries of neo-soul to a new level. The band formed in August 2017 when bass player Justin Avdek brought these unique West Michigan musicians together for a spontaneous recording collaboration, which took place in the cozy basement of his parents’ log cabin in Muskegon. Their artistic exploration approach to writing left members without expectation of the sound that would be created. Since the release of their self-titled album in March 2018, their music has been well received by the community, hitting the top of the charts as WYCE’s most played album. The excitement continued throughout the year and the band was awarded “Emerging Artist of The Year” and “Best Jazz Album of 2018” for the 2019 Jammie Awards. The current members of Earth Radio are Justin Avdek (bass/effects), Hannah Laine (vox, piano), Dutcher Snedeker (keyboards, synth), and Madison George (drums/percussion), 


// bass


Justin Avdek, also known as Beards or J Diddles, is a widely known musician in West Michigan. He plays bass in many local groups including the Tommy Foster Band, the Mark Lavengood Band, The Underground Circus, Winnow, and The War & Treaty . Justin has released several albums as Justin Avdek and the Underground Circus,  the most recent titled You Are What You Sleep. He loves to make sounds.


// keyboards


Dutcher Snedeker is a Masters graduate from  WMU and an active performer around West Michigan. He has performed with many West Michigan musicians and bands including Brad Fritcher, Benjaman James, The Underground Circus, the WMU Symphonic Band, Blushing Monk, and The War & Treaty. He is also one of the directors behind Art Music For All (AMFA), an arts organization dedicated to New Music.


// vocals


Hannah Laine is a soulful vocalist and songwriter whose music is rich with meditative vocal lines and lyrics that express the raw emotions of the human experience. Much of Hannah's inspiration in songwriting comes from a place of deep listening to various spiritual leaders and artists; including Erykah Badu, Nai Palm, Stevie Wonder, Queen Afua, and Mother Earth. For Hannah, music is not only a form of self-expression, but more importantly a way to connect more deeply and intimately with the Soul. Hannah released her debut solo album Cut Your Strings in May 2017, shortly prior to the birth of Earth Radio.



Madison George is a jazz studies student at Western Michigan University. He has appeared in various West Michigan groups including Lushh, Hip Pocket, Michigander, and The War & Treaty. Madison joined Earth Radio in October 2018, succeeding Hayaman Mana Tzach, who still makes occasional appearances.